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Home | 14 December 2017

TEAM: Mikey, Lucas, Alex, Korniliusz, Ethan, Chris, Lloyd

SUBS: April, Laythan 


Our first proper game on Albert park and it was cold, wet and late for us but we seemed focused after a poor training session the night before. It was good everyone’s excited and promising me good performances. 

 First half starts and we are straight in there, we held the ball we passed and moved up the pitch well it was good to watch shots flying everywhere every time we had a chance!

GOAL!! Ten minutes in a sloppy ball comes into the box and Korniliusz places it lovely into the bottom corner! GET IN! 

Not long after a cheeky aces corner deflects off Ethan’s leg and we concede an own goal! We know we’re still in the game. Everyone is still happy and playing well! 

Just before half time and we’re 2-1 down still fighting and giving 100%! Lloyd’s throws a beautiful ball in from the corner spot and it lands nicely in the box.

GOAL!! Laythan gets off the mark for the first time in a while and drives it past the on form aces keeper! Drawing at half time! It’s not over yet! 

Second half kick off and somehow we go 4-2 down! What’s going on! Let’s pull our socks up and get back into this game!! 

GOAL!!! Korniliusz plays a lovely ball into chris in the centre and Chris cheekily flicks it past their last man. Lloyd’s there under pressure but very composed and BANG! Back of the net! 

Come on now 4-3! Aces get another corner and another own goal 🙈 Alex tries to clear and puts it past Mikey! But still the fires in our bellies and we want this game so badly! 5-3!! 

GOAL!! Laythan again! Got the taste and remembered what his job was knocked it past the defence goes it alone and POW! Another one placed nicely in the net!! 

Ten minutes left! Come one let’s keep going parents are shouting with excitement what a game!! 

A great save from Mikey somehow manages to roll its way under him unfortunate for everyone! But still even after this we’ve STILL got a fight left in us! 

GOAL!!! Lloyd fires another great ball into the box and Ethan doesn’t need another grilling so he hits it sweetly and gets his first goal of the season! 

The game finishes 8-5 to the aces But considering 2 own goals and a slight mistake from Mikey near the end it was by far the best we’ve played in a while! 

Credit where it’s due the man of the match tonight was Alex I changed his role today slightly and he played it perfectly! The back 3 tonight were absolutely superb could easily have been 15-20 goals today if it weren’t for them 3. WELL DONE BOYS!! 

Starting Line Up