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U10's Clubs - Urmston Town Eagles

Home | 17 March 2018

TEAM: Mikey, Lucas, Alex, Laythan, Daniel, Chris, Lloyd

SUBS: Jack, Korniliusz, Ethan 

Blizzard?? Pfft who cares! 

Today was a bit touch and go. I’d been on Barr hills pitches for an hour and a half before our game. And seen several coaches and referees discussing whether to call games off. Fortunately for us, we were on! The warm up was good we didn’t care that it was snowing and cold we knew how important this game was! 

First half is off and within 5 minutes we were 1-0 down! We’ve never played urmston so we didn’t know anything about them. Was this going to be a slaughtering after last weeks win...... 

Not on Lloyd’s watch! 

 GOAL!! A lovely ball down the line from Laythan meant Lloyd had the last defender and the keeper to beat! No panic no drama! GET IN! 

Were back in the game and the same ball again puts Lloyd through again!! 

 GOAL!!! Another under pressure shot that Lloyd took in his stride and tucked away behind the keeper! 

HALF TIME. It’s 2-2! We really don’t want penalties again! They’re way to scary and nerve racking for me more than anyone 🙈 

We discuss keeping things tight at the back and all helping out where we can and what a good job the team did of this! 

15 minutes in to the second half and Daniel steams forward takes on one, takes on two, just the keeper to beat..... 

 GOAL!! Again a beautifully placed shot from about 15-20 yards out! Leaving urmston stunned not knowing what to try next! 

The last ten minutes the pressure was on both teams. Urmstons goalkeeper had a blinder the second half and we really struggled to get anymore goals not for the want of trying. And then the last 3 minutes two free kicks given to them right on the edge of our area! 

No panic for the clubs the wall did their jobs on both occasions and we walk away with a very good well deserved important win. 

Men of the match today were Daniel and Lloyd. Absolutely brilliant performance from both players! 

 WELL DONE LETS BRING THIS CUP HOME! First season, first cup. What an achievement that would be ♣️♣️♣️

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