Barr Hill JFC
Barr Hill JFC
Established 1944

U10's Clubs - Della salle devils

Away | 08 April 2018

TEAM: Mikey, Lucas, Alex, April, Laythan, Jack, Lloyd, 

SUBS: Harley, Daniel


We know the position we’re in. Two cup games left were second in the group. It’s all or nothing and deary me did we bring it! 

Five minutes in and we look worried like we can’t settle there’s confusion within the defence and before we know it we are 1-0 down! Why! This isn’t part of the plan. I scream to the team “heads up! Wake up!” And it didn’t take long we piled the pressure on! 

GOAL!! Laythan takes a corner and it bounces back out to him near the half way line POWWWW! Get in we’re back!! 

Not long after that della’s key defender hand balls it in the area after scoring the first goal! PENALTY! 

GOAL!! April steps up comfortably and tucks it away. Little did we know the game she was going to pull out of the bag! 

The game continues it’s all barr hill piles and piles of pressure with every time we got the ball. It’s fantastic to watch the confidence of the team and the shots they were trying! 

GOAL!! April fires another one in after some skills down the left hand side. 

3-1 up at half time the talk reminds the team that we’ve got to keep it together! Keep working hard keep doing what we’re doing. They didn’t disappoint. 

GOAL!! Harley has a little run and dribbles past 3 Della players leaving it a one on one and finishes it lovely in the bottom corner!! 

GOAL!! Aprils not finished there she wants the hat trick and she’s fighting hard for that top goalscorer trophy!   It’s a hat trick for her and what a great performance all round! 

GOAL!! Lloyd realised Laythan’s caught up to him with the top goalscorer and he wasn’t happy with that so he takes a run and fires passed the goalie!! 

GOAL!!! The poor defender for Della was having a mare! He scored for Della, he gave a penalty and now an own goal! After playing and fighting so hard throughout. He stopped so many more goals unfortunately was just one of them days. 

GOAL!!! Jack felt like he was missing out on the action and did exactly what I wanted from him big shots far out! And didn’t it pay off! Absolutely class no messing about finish. 

GOAL!!! Lucas then has a run up as a defender feels like he wants one as well! Off he goes and a cute finish left footed placed at the side of the keeper. Calm cool and collective as we’ve practised! 

Todays result was 9-1 to us and what a fantastic performance by every single one of the players. It was difficult to pick a man of the match but April with the first Barr hill clubs hat trick wins it for me! WELL DONE APRIL! 

Now we’ve got a big deciding game this weekend to prepare for and what a result to have in the back of our minds. Bring it on prestwich, we’re ready for you 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

Starting Line Up