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U10's Clubs - Beechfield hurricanes

Away | 29 September 2018

OPPONENT: Beechfield hurricanes


TEAM: Mikey, Lucas, Chris, Laythan, Ashton, Lennon, Blake

SUBS: Kayden, Daniel 

The start of the fresh mornings

The suns out but so is the fresh winter air! Wasn’t really a good start only 5 players on time for the warm up which had an affect on the game today. 

We started well with Lots of passing moving and attacking style football and I enjoyed watching and it was only a space of 4/5 minutes.....

 GOAL!! Chris takes a throw and Ashton flicks it on with his face and Blake tucks it past the keeper! Good start! 

We continued to attack with Chris smashing a ball from the half way line and a healthy beechy defence deflecting it out! 

Then Laythan throws a savage ball through to Kayden leaving a one on one and Kay just hits the post! Unlucky lad! 

We go to half time 1-0 up but we slacked off the pressure before hand leaving massive gaps for Beechfield to start their attacks and Mikey keeping us in the game! 


We discuss positions and people getting back to help instead of giving up and stopping whilst tracking back. 

Second half begins and straight away Beechfield equalise maybe now we will understand that we all need to help at the back. But unfortunately not ten minutes from the end were 2-1 down! 

Laythan and Blake were on the bench and after bringing them on the game changed within seconds the game changed with Ashton again.....

 GOAL!! He places a lovely ball into Blakes feet and you would bet you bottom dollar there was only one place that ball was ending up! 

We kept fighting for the win and in doing so lost all control at the back. Ashton hitting the bar and Kayden again in a one on one scenario keeper makes a great save! And unfortunately for us beechy didn’t let their foot off the gas and punished us winking the game 3-2. 

Man of the match was difficult to choose as Mikey and Chris were really good at the back but for me it was Daniel that ran his heart out from start to finish! Well done!! 

Lessons to learn today, we need to be on time and ready for the game ahead, we all need to help out at the back we can’t leave it to defenders and Mikey everytime! And we need to stop talking rubbish and start talking to each other instead of tackling each other. 

Starting Line Up